Nissan demonstrates Leaf-powered Smart House, we go hands-on — Engadget

22 03 2012

Nissan demonstrates Leaf-powered Smart House, we go hands-on — Engadget.

Electric VW Beetle in Drag

22 03 2012

Mark Davidson, Internet Sales & Marketing Professional?

22 09 2011

Mark Davidson is, according to his Twitter tagline, an “Internet sales & marketing professional. I write a lot of things to amuse myself and others. On occasion, I even have deep thoughts.”

It appears as if all those “deep thoughts” may not actually have eminated from his own mind, but from three ghost-tweeters employed by Mark. Unfortunately, one of those writers claims to have been sacked by Mark…unfortunate as Mark also forgot to change his Twitter password.

New(ish) blog

20 09 2011


I’ve finally decided to resurrect my blog and link it to twitter. I’m using WordPress to blog, and it will post to twitter also.

Hopefully it will interest someone 🙂

Tasting Dictation App (via Why, That’s Delightful!)

20 09 2011

Brilliant! Technology at it’s best.

Tasting Dictation App Last night, I realised that the dictation app on my iphone can send things directly to Twitter. I decided to try it out. “ Testing dictation are up on the iPhone Glinner July 24, 2011 “ I said tasting ap! Tasting dictation ap! Glinner July 24, 2011 “ Testing testing dictation apt is what I amazing. Glinner July 24, 2011 “ Am saying. Not amazing. Am saying. Amazing Glinner July 24, 2011 “ No not our main thing I’m saying! Glinner July 24, 2011 “ A … Read More

via Why, That’s Delightful!

Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Released

24 11 2009

As of 10am PDT (6pm GMT), the final release of PP3 for WHS is available.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Sky puts content on Xbox console

29 05 2009

Is this the beginning of a fundamental change in the way we receive and watch   programming?

BBC NEWS | Technology | Sky puts content on Xbox console