Vista Retail Product includes MCE functionality at last

28 02 2006

Microsoft Unveils Windows Vista Product Lineup: Offerings deliver unique value across business and consumer audiences.

After years of pestering, it seems that Microsoft has finally agreed to put Media Center into the retail channel with the launch of Vista later this year. Get yer DIY gloves on…


iShirt you not….

21 02 2006



It seems the i-everything masses have a new toy.  The Register have details of an iShirt for your pod, or a podshirt.

I want a shirt with a pint on it that says iDrink, or iFu…no, maybe not.

HP iPAQ hw6900 Mobile Messenger series – Worldwide QuickSpecs

21 02 2006

HP iPAQ hw6900 Mobile Messenger series – Worldwide QuickSpecs

The low-down on the iPaq 6900 series.

Buy my car…

21 02 2006

Nissan Terrano II 2.7 TDi Touring (2003) – Used Cars on – New & Used Cars in Ireland

Nissan Terrano II Touring

You know you want to.

Asterisk@home 2.5 / Asterisk 1.2.4

20 02 2006 Files

Asterisk at home 2.5 released.

Mainly an update to Asterisk 1.2.4 and bug fixes for a serious memory leak.

HP iPAQ hw6915 Mobile Messenger

17 02 2006

HP iPAQ hw6915 Mobile Messenger overview – HP Products & Services products

mmm...WM5...I want one of these, like now if not sooner.