My new mobile – iMate SP5

iMate SP5Yesterday I took delivery of an iMate SP5.  I updated it from the imate web site with the OS upgrade to allow Exchange OTA (Over The Air) push e-mail (The mail server tells the mobile that there is new mail, rather than the phone asking is there any new mail).  The unit is beautiful, and not nearly as bulky as I expected.  One disappointment is that there’s no Pocket Work or Excel included.  I still haven’t worked out how to use an MP3 as my ringtone, but all-round it’s a great performer, and now I’m instantly messagable (?) and e-mailable.  The only problem is that now I’m instantly messagable and e-mailable…


XP on a Mac – by Apple (seriously!)

Apple – Boot Camp

Apple have opened a public beta for Bootcamp, which will allow you to dual-boot your (intel-based) Mac between OSX and XP. If they’d done this a bit sooner, they could have won $13k from

What you’ll need

  • Mac OS X Tiger v10.4.6 (check Software Update)
  • The latest Firmware update (check Support Downloads)
  • 10GB free hard disk space
  • An Intel-based Mac
  • A blank recordable CD
  • A printer for the instructions (You’ll want to print them before installing Windows, really.)
  • A bona fide installation disc for Microsoft Windows XP, Service Pack 2, Home or Professional (No multi-disc, upgrade or Media Center versions.)