Creative Drivers (or lack thereof)

I have an X-Fi Elite Pro.  I know, I’m very lucky, but I got it because of the excellent sound quality.  I had hoped that the RTM drivers for Vista (and associated apps, EQ etc.) would have been available at the lastest yesterday or today, given the public launch of Vista.

No.  The following is an extract from a moderator posting on the Creative support forums:

Due to additional requirements in the Windows Vista driver certification process, the release of the final signed drivers for the Sound Blaster range will move out beyond our initial projected date until early March. The current Beta drivers are still valid for use under Vista and are required to take advantage of the benefits of Creative ALchemy with the Sound Blaster X-Fi range to restore multichannel audio and EAX to your games. We appreciate your understanding for this change to the schedule as we work to bring you the best experience for your Sound Blaster series cards while adhering to the requirements of this new operating system.

I have my cake, but I’d like to eat it please…




I have to give a plug to an Irish band who you will hopefully be hearing a lot more of – Kidic.  I think their forthcoming single, “Holding Doors for Strangers” is excellent, and frighteningly infectious.

Being young and cool things, they also have one of those Myspace pages where their fans can congregate and worship.

WebGuide from ASCII Express

I always hated the fact that, living outside of the USA (Ireland), I couldn’t use the MSN Remote Record service to remotely set my Media Centre PC at home to record certain programs.  ASCII Express have a product I stumbled upon called WebGuide4, which not only achieves what MSN Remote Record does, but will give me access to my pictures, music, videos, download recorded tv (dvr-ms files) and will let me stream recorded TV remotely to any device, PC, Windows Mobile device, etc.

I installed the demo, and after about 17 seconds of investigating it, got out my credit card and signed up.  One of the best $15 I ever spent!

Home Network update…

Well I finally moved the TeraStation, the UPS for it, and the Devolo LAN-over-powerline unit into the attic.  The response on the ground floor is a bit on the slow side, but once I start a program, after a few seconds delay, the streaming seems fine in Media Centre.

I’ve got a Netgear GS116 16-port Gb switch ready to go into the attic, but I’m still waiting on Cat 6 cable to arrive.  Once it does, I’ll hardwire the two PCs, the XBox and the IP phone upstairs into the switch – easily done by dropping cables through the roof through ducts.  I’m still not too sure how I’ll get cable runs into the downstairs rooms without major spousal objection.

Still, onward and downwards…