Mark Davidson, Internet Sales & Marketing Professional?

Mark Davidson is, according to his Twitter tagline, an “Internet sales & marketing professional. I write a lot of things to amuse myself and others. On occasion, I even have deep thoughts.”

It appears as if all those “deep thoughts” may not actually have eminated from his own mind, but from three ghost-tweeters employed by Mark. Unfortunately, one of those writers claims to have been sacked by Mark…unfortunate as Mark also forgot to change his Twitter password.


Tasting Dictation App (via Why, That’s Delightful!)

Brilliant! Technology at it’s best.

Tasting Dictation App Last night, I realised that the dictation app on my iphone can send things directly to Twitter. I decided to try it out. “ Testing dictation are up on the iPhone Glinner July 24, 2011 “ I said tasting ap! Tasting dictation ap! Glinner July 24, 2011 “ Testing testing dictation apt is what I amazing. Glinner July 24, 2011 “ Am saying. Not amazing. Am saying. Amazing Glinner July 24, 2011 “ No not our main thing I’m saying! Glinner July 24, 2011 “ A … Read More

via Why, That’s Delightful!

Hamster Jet-lag

I know it’s a burning issue, especially with an election here on Thursday, but according to the New Scientist online, “Viagra reduces hamster jet-lag“.  Now there’s a headline I didn’t expect to see…

According to the article, “Hamsters…adjusted more quickly to laboratory simulations of a six-hour time-zone change than animals in the control group”.  Did the viagraed hamsters stand up, have a good stretch, and then go for a run on the treadmill, whereas the other ones just moped around drinking coffee and devouring a half-pack of Marlboros?

Why haven’t Bertie and Enda covered this ground?  We, the people, demand answers!

Can I hear what?

A recent product development in the US, to stop kids hanging around malls, was to play a high pitched noise at the store entrance.  As we get older, our ability to hear higher frequencies deteriorates, and only kids can hear this noise (apparently, ‘coz I can’t hear it but that doesn’t mean it’s actually there!).

Now, enterprising kids are using this sound as ringtones on their ‘phones so that they can get calls in class, knowing that the teacher won’t be able to hear the ring.

Check it out for yourselves here and see if you can hear a high-pitched cricket-type of chirping.  Now, if can only get those crickets to say “Clean your room…clean your room”…