e-Accident: Fax dead, e-mail seriously injured…middle-aged people confused

Have you any views on the introduction of a general ban on sending faxes in the enterprise? In this day and age, I feel it’s perfectly acceptable to expect someone to be able to receive an e-mail. As an enterprise, we obviously still need to receive faxes, but that can be handled by Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging as it stands. Sending outgoing faxes from PCs would require unnecessary expenditure, and I just feel that we should bite the bullet on this, do away with the actual machines, the analogue telephone lines they need, the toner and paper they use, and put this ancient technology out of our misery.  If someone needs to send a piece of paper or a signed document to someone, they can scan it and e-mail it.

<start of rant>To be perfectly honest, e-mail is on the way out too. It’s a middle-aged, middle-class way of communicating, equivalent to our parents writing letters. My kids all have e-mail, but they only use it to register on web sites, and never for communicating. In ten years time, how will we communicate with the next generation of customers? Twitter? Facebook? Bebo? TwitFace?  It won’t be by e-mail anyway.

And as for that noise the kids call music…<end of rant>

Answers on a postcard, please…


Saccharine and Subterfuge

I previously and shamelessly plugged Kidic, officially the NBT (next big thing).  I have to declare a vested interest here – I know Colin, the bass player (or Cono, as he now likes to be known).  They’ve got their first single, “Holding Doors For Strangers” coming out on May 18th, and their new album “Rhetoric” is out in July.  Anyways, they’ll be playing the following dates around Ireland:

«——The “Holding Doors” Tour——-»

April/May 2007
28/4 Kilkenny, Morriseys
4/5 Cork, An Cruiscin Lan
12/5 Dublin, Tower Records In Store (1.30pm)
12/5 Drogheda, McHugh’s
18/5 Dublin, Whelans
19/5 Mullingar, The Stables
25/5 Waterford, Electric Avenue

«——The “Rhetoric” Tour——-»

July 2007
13/7 Dublin, Crawdaddy

If you haven’t heard it anywhere else before now, you heard it here first!



I have to give a plug to an Irish band who you will hopefully be hearing a lot more of – Kidic.  I think their forthcoming single, “Holding Doors for Strangers” is excellent, and frighteningly infectious.

Being young and cool things, they also have one of those Myspace pages where their fans can congregate and worship.

I want one of those (.com)

Forget the Zune, I want this.  For a mere €222,000 (£150,000 or $270,000) you can get your own wax model sculpted by Madame Tussauds of London.  I like the disclaimer at the end “Please note that the figure is not able to be displayed at Madame Tussauds Museum”.  Awww, for that much moolah I’d want it on Grafton Street…

Hannah – free at last!

My eldest daughter finally got out of hospital today after spending 4 out of the last six weeks in Crumlin.  She has still got a frame on her leg, but is making great progress!  Life can now return to some semblance of normality.

Can I hear what?

A recent product development in the US, to stop kids hanging around malls, was to play a high pitched noise at the store entrance.  As we get older, our ability to hear higher frequencies deteriorates, and only kids can hear this noise (apparently, ‘coz I can’t hear it but that doesn’t mean it’s actually there!).

Now, enterprising kids are using this sound as ringtones on their ‘phones so that they can get calls in class, knowing that the teacher won’t be able to hear the ring.

Check it out for yourselves here and see if you can hear a high-pitched cricket-type of chirping.  Now, if can only get those crickets to say “Clean your room…clean your room”…