2008 Global Cellphone Sales Stats

Thanks to ABI Research, we now know the breakdown of global mobile device sales for 2008.  Out of a total of 1.21 billion devices sold, the market shares are:

  1. Nokia – 38.6%
  2. Samsung – 16.2%
  3. Motorola – 8.3%
  4. LG – 8.3%
  5. Sony Ericsson – 8%
  6. RIM – 1.9%
  7. Apple – 1.1%

iPhone 3G 2.0.2 update available

For all you iPhonies, version 2.0.2 is now available via iTunes.  Apple haven’t made it clear exactly what fixes are included, but the address book and text message delays that were common under 2.0.1 seem to have been fixed. (Yes, I finally got one…)

Feel free to drool…

I got my new mobile phone this week.  It’s the HTC Touch Diamond…oh yes!  It’s beautiful.  It’s sleek.  It’s light.  It replaces the Nokia N95 I’ve had since last htcdiamondAugust.  The real reason I wanted a new Windows Mobile-based device is that we’re running a pilot project to integrate our Nortel CS1000 PBX with Microsoft Office Communication Server to give us full unified communications.  There’s a Communicator Mobile client app that runs on WM devices that connects to our OCS server in the office to give me presence and IM capabilities to all my corporate contacts.

Initial impressions are that it’s an excellent unit, although the battery life has yet to be determined under “normal” usage, as opposed to the incessant playing with that it’s currently getting.  I just can’t leave it alone.

As an iPhone alternative, it’s got a few things the iPhone doesn’t: MMS, video recording, and the ability to load any WM apps I want.  It’s also got a 3MP camera, as opposed to the 2MP one in the iPhone.

I’ll post more as I get used to it.

O2 Ireland – 8Gb iPhone Price Drop

It seems that O2 Ireland have dropped the price of an 8Gb iPhone by €100.  No change for the 16Gb model.  This follows reports that the Apple stores in the UK and US are showing the iPhones as “Currently Unavailable” as opposed to the usual “Ships in 1-2 Weeks”.  This would seem to imply that Apple stores in the UK and US have run out of iPhones…in advance of the 3G model, perhaps?  Maybe they shipped them all over to us…

Find out more – O2 – iPhone – Find out more

iPhone on O2 Ireland

Yesterday, I ordered a 16Gb iPhone, probably a gut-reaction to the O2 announcement that they’ll provide them from March 14th.  I grappled overnight with the thoughts of having to live without Exchange push e-mail, and no 3G.  I heard this morning that visual voicemail also won’t be supported.  Now I hear that the iPhone isn’t supported on 64-bit Vista.  We’re just about to roll out that OS flavour to all our desktops, so we’ll just throw that order in the bin.

Maybe later in the year when the 2nd gen iPhone supports 3G and other stuff, and the price is dropped and the extortionate packages and terrible conditions disappear, I’ll look at it again.

Or maybe not.  I’ve had a Nokia N95 now for nearly 6 months, and my biggest (only) gripe is it just a little too big and heavy.  That apart, it does everything I could possibly want.

My new phone

It’s a Nokia N95.  It’s the dogs.  Unfortunately, the Irish rugby team at the World Cup in France failed to give me anything worth taking a photo of.  GPS sucks the daylights battery though.

Can I hear what?

A recent product development in the US, to stop kids hanging around malls, was to play a high pitched noise at the store entrance.  As we get older, our ability to hear higher frequencies deteriorates, and only kids can hear this noise (apparently, ‘coz I can’t hear it but that doesn’t mean it’s actually there!).

Now, enterprising kids are using this sound as ringtones on their ‘phones so that they can get calls in class, knowing that the teacher won’t be able to hear the ring.

Check it out for yourselves here and see if you can hear a high-pitched cricket-type of chirping.  Now, if can only get those crickets to say “Clean your room…clean your room”…

My new mobile – iMate SP5

iMate SP5Yesterday I took delivery of an iMate SP5.  I updated it from the imate web site with the OS upgrade to allow Exchange OTA (Over The Air) push e-mail (The mail server tells the mobile that there is new mail, rather than the phone asking is there any new mail).  The unit is beautiful, and not nearly as bulky as I expected.  One disappointment is that there’s no Pocket Work or Excel included.  I still haven’t worked out how to use an MP3 as my ringtone, but all-round it’s a great performer, and now I’m instantly messagable (?) and e-mailable.  The only problem is that now I’m instantly messagable and e-mailable…