e-Accident: Fax dead, e-mail seriously injured…middle-aged people confused

Have you any views on the introduction of a general ban on sending faxes in the enterprise? In this day and age, I feel it’s perfectly acceptable to expect someone to be able to receive an e-mail. As an enterprise, we obviously still need to receive faxes, but that can be handled by Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging as it stands. Sending outgoing faxes from PCs would require unnecessary expenditure, and I just feel that we should bite the bullet on this, do away with the actual machines, the analogue telephone lines they need, the toner and paper they use, and put this ancient technology out of our misery.  If someone needs to send a piece of paper or a signed document to someone, they can scan it and e-mail it.

<start of rant>To be perfectly honest, e-mail is on the way out too. It’s a middle-aged, middle-class way of communicating, equivalent to our parents writing letters. My kids all have e-mail, but they only use it to register on web sites, and never for communicating. In ten years time, how will we communicate with the next generation of customers? Twitter? Facebook? Bebo? TwitFace?  It won’t be by e-mail anyway.

And as for that noise the kids call music…<end of rant>

Answers on a postcard, please…


A Happy New Year to You Too!

I just want to thank all the 616 people who e-mailed me to wish me a happy new year.  Thanks also go to the 421 people who reckon that they can provide me with a larger penis, and the 380 people who want to sell me a Rolex.

Thankfully, none of these e-mails made it to my Inbox, as we’re now using Microsoft Exchange Hosted Filtering Service.  Our MX record is now changed to point to the MS filtering server, and we don’t accept SMTP traffic from anyone else besides them.  Our volume of e-mail has dropped by over 95% in the last month since we started the trial service (which very quickly turned into a subscription when we realised how good it was).  I reckon that what it costs us in monthly subscription to this service is more than offset by our saving in bandwidth.  It’s like we more than doubled our bandwidth, whilst removing the admin overhead of maintaining blacklists and false positives, etc.

If you want to know more, visit the Exchange Hosted Filtering Service at Microsoft, or a full overview of all hosted services.  Other hosted services include